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Orange Bird Photo Hunt



THEN AND NOW: Aerial Park Photos

Disneyland, Magic Kingdom, EPCOT Center, Disney-MGM Studios, Animal Kingdom, California Adventure.


Magic Kingdom and surrounding land.

EPCOT Center

Disney-MGM Studios

Animal Kingdom

California Adventure


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EPCOT Construction from the Air 



Working Splash Mountain Model

This AMAZING working 1/87th scale model of Disneyland's Splash Mountain was built by one of our readers. Matt Camisa began building it two years ago and it’s approximately 64% complete today.

There are 300+ hand painted guests. Matt expects to need 500 more by the time the model is completed.

The model is complete with 16 hand-sculpted and cast boats.

It’s even wired with lights for a nighttime atmosphere.

Let’s go go back in time to the early stages of the model-building process.

Check out that superb craftsmanship. Look at all those individual shingles.

And finally, watch the model in action. Look at the moving logs!


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Ward Dizzley's True Life Action Adventure Comics!

Brand-new, never-before-published comic adventures of Hoot and Chief!! 

We all know many of Hoot and Chief 's adventures at EPCOT Center's Horizons but what about their earlier adventures at Magic Kingdom?? How did they meet? Which places in the park did they work? What crazy situations did they get themselves into? Laugh yourself silly with Volume 1 of the comic book we've all been waiting for. Illustrations, writing, and comic layout all done by Hoot himself.

For more photos, a hilarious video starring Ward Dizzley himself, and buying options, click here.


Story Time

I first heard about ol' Hoot about a decade ago. It was the day I first interviewed for an artist position at Magic Kingdom. The boss told me that he and his wife were the most talented duo around. Luckily I got the job because I didn't have a chance to meet World Famous Hoot Gibson and his wife Sunnycide until the actual first day of work. Hoot had some 20,000 Leagues pieces on his art table plus some funny sketches and a bunch of other theme park gems so I suspected he might be a fan of the Walt Disney World good old days. He suspected the same from me. Maybe he saw my eyes light up at all the old animatronics laying around the department. A few pre-opening strolls through the Jungle Cruise later, we were great friends. He's still one of my best buds in the world today! Sunnycide and their talented son are mighty fine too.

My very best memories from my creative career come from those early-morning adventures: Climbing around every ride, discovering lost Magic Kingdom treasures, painting animatronics, hanging out at the Progress City model, getting yelled at for liking our jobs, installing stuff, etc., etc.

We later worked together at two other places, making scale models and designing and building animatronics (Hoot is a MASTER sculptor and maker of animatronic figures).

Now we try to join up with Chief and cruise through Magic Kingdom whenever we can. These guys have THE BEST stories to tell about the park. Thier UNBELIEVABLE, HILARIOUS, WILD stories must be shared with park history fans. Did I mention?? These guys are among the top Walt Disney World historians in THE WORLD!

Anyhoo, get in on what is sure to be a killer comic book collection!!!




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